This page is for experts only. If you are interested by a plug-n-play Internet Cube, please contact a non-profit organization. If you have purchased the suggested hardware by yourself, or an organization have provided you a pre-installed Internet Cube, you should use the automatic installation guide.



File Name  ↓ File Size  ↓ Date  ↓ 
-2020-Nov-01 17:06
-2018-Dec-08 21:33
-2018-Dec-08 21:28
-2018-Dec-08 21:33
625.4 MiB2020-Oct-27 21:49
108 B2020-Nov-01 17:05
24.8 KiB2020-Nov-01 17:06
626.7 MiB2020-Oct-27 20:14
109 B2020-Nov-01 17:06
24.8 KiB2020-Nov-01 17:06
625.1 MiB2020-Oct-27 23:27
118 B2020-Nov-01 17:05
24.8 KiB2020-Nov-01 17:06


To install your Cube, go to:

Information about how we build the YunoHost/InternetCube images are available at You can rebuild images by yourself if you want.

The image build process is automated. You can follow images build here: